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“Excellent teacher! Very knowledgeable and interesting. Good real life examples.”

“I could not have imagined how informative and eye-opening this course would be.”

“Excellent class. Everyone should take it to learn more about investment properties.”

“Great, high level content. Ken is a very patient and skilled instructor. Great information that most agents can leverage to really increase sales/revenue. Awesome course to really shift a mindset for success!!” 

“The classes are worth my three days and definitely lots of great information I’ve learned that will be very useful for me.” 

“Great course! Understanding the math behind an investment is a skill that every Realtor needs. This course taught it with a wonderful approach!”

“I have learned a lot on this course especially how to build wealth for myself. Great example of what he preaches.”

"I learned a lot about the principles of investing in real estate. These are concepts I will use. Very good material."

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